Christmas Party Cruise Sydney Harbour

The usual Christmas party goes like this: fine food and drinks, upbeat music, and some fun entertainment that can surprise and even make company guests laugh. Over the years, the elements of Christmas parties have become typical. If you are looking for something that elevates the way your yuletide events are held, be it for families, private groups or for your company, Coast Harbour’s Christmas Cruises in Sydney invite you to celebrate with us.

If you take up on our Christmas Party Cruises Sydney offer, you won’t only have a fabulous event, you’ll also be mesmerized with the Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour Bridge, idyllic harbour beaches, beachside suburbs, and Darling Harbour, among others, as your event backdrops.

Christmas Party Cruise In Sydney To Remember

Unlike most parts of the world wherein the festive season is closely associated with winter, Christmas in Australia feels like summer. Instead of snow and sleighs, it's all about sun, sand and surf in the Land Down Under. It's the best time to go outdoors and take advantage of the weather, and one way of doing that is by choosing to hold your event on a cruise. The entire event would have the vibes of a relaxing vacation!

Private Sydney Harbour Christmas Parties

If you want a party that lets you escape to the sea, leaving behind the hustle and bustle brought by this yuletide season, our vessel is ideally suited for your event. No need to share the boat with guests outside your circle or not in your corporate crowd. We keep in mind to never go beyond the 145 limit for the number of guests to ensure quality service. We let you charter the entire vessel and implement the package that is tailored to your specific needs.

Office Christmas Cruise Party on Sydney Harbour

Your corporate Christmas party should be unlike any other, as it is the best opportunity to look back on the experiences, learnings and achievements of the entire year and to reward work colleagues for a job well done. Your entire team deserves to be treated to a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise that will surely be one to be remembered. Leave everything to us to get things done while you party and enjoy the exciting atmosphere.

Book Your Sydney Christmas Cruise Early!

It is never too early to plan your event. With our Christmas party cruise on Sydney Harbour, you’ll get to escape the usual festive madness that comes with planning and holding the event in the usual venues and instead be treated with a 360-degree view of the renowned harbour, on a dinner cruise. If you book with us, half of what needs to be done in making your dream Christmas celebration a reality has already been achieved!

Our team also handles other occasions, events and celebrations with corresponding Christmas cruise packages. If you are up for one of those unique venues, then check out our cruise packages and the options we offer, such as our buffet menu, just contact us through phone or email. Our cruise consultants would be glad to answer any questions and work on requests you may have for a boat cruise.

Book with Coast Cruises now and let’s party in one of the best cruises in Sydney!

Christmas Party Cruises FAQ’s

What is a Christmas party cruise like?

It’s a party with an extraordinary setting. You get live entertainment with views of Sydney Harbour’s iconic gems as the luxury catamaran slowly glides across waters, taking you beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the Opera House. Guests get to party and feast on buffet food and their choice of drinks.

Are Christmas cruises expensive?

These cruises already come with event experts you can turn to, and you won’t have to worry about the unpleasant surprise brought by hidden costs. The packages on offer are all-inclusive. The peace of mind, the exceptional quality of service, mouth-watering food, refreshing drinks, and the best of party cruises that brings you to Sydney’s stunning views contribute to a truly pleasing experience that is worth the money.

Are Christmas party cruises worth it?

Definitely. With the best of Xmas cruises Sydney has, you can look forward to sailing around Sydney Harbour, and get the party, decor and even the menu option you want for a party cruise experience like no other. We especially have no qualms about tweaking our main course options and beverage service to give you the beer, wine and juice you and your guests prefer.

What do you wear on a Christmas cruise?

Christmas parties can come with themes where you can dress up as a certain character. Whether for day cruises or a dinner cruise, guests can come in casual attire that can make them feel both comfortable and stylish, while socialising and enjoying delectable cuisine and drinks. They can also go for formal wear if the event calls for it. The options are simply endless.