Birthday Party Cruises Sydney Harbour

Life’s major milestones such as your birthday should be celebrated in a way that gives you lasting memories that make you smile each time you remember them. Whether you go for themed, laid-back, luxurious, or flamboyant, what can top celebrating on your own private boat, cruising around one of the most scenic and most recognisable harbours in the world? Coast Harbour Cruises Sydney brings you the finest birthdays and special occasions cruise Sydney can offer.

Sydney Harbour - The Best Party Location

Sydney Harbour is a natural harbour in the vibrant coastal metropolis of Sydney. With some of the city’s gems such as the distinctive Sydney Opera House sprinkled around the harbour, it easily provides a picturesque backdrop for your party, which means lots of photo opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss. The harbour especially comes alive with incredible city lights at night.

Celebrating Birthday Parties In Style

There’s no better time to celebrate the remarkable you than on your birthday, so blow those candles on your cake in style, onboard one of the most elegant charter boats in Sydney Harbour! Your birthday is all about you, so aside from the 360-view of the cityscape, you get to have a venue that is decorated the way you want it as well as an events expert to ensure you get a birthday party cruise you would be proud of!

The Most Romantic Anniversary Cruises

Cruises are also perfect for anniversaries. Life can get hectic at times, especially when you both have been caught up with your respective careers. Celebrating your anniversary on a boat hire is a great way to reconnect with each other, look back on your years together, and to look ahead towards the future. Have a party surrounded by friends and family or an intimate dinner or lunch cruise with just the two of you.

We Offer The Best Cruises For Special Occasions

Our boat hire is great for any party. We can accommodate up to 145 guests. We have four separate entertaining areas, main deck salon, main deck aft, and upper deck that provides a full view of Sydney Harbour. Our staff will make sure that your needs are met and that everyone gets the experience they’ll want to reminisce.

Enquire Now About Our Birthday Party Cruises

For questions regarding our birthday cruise and other functions we handle, contact us through phone or email. We can provide you the package you need, and even fulfill your request, including your choice of decorations, entertainment, food and drinks - whether you go for wines, juices or soft drinks. Expect to board our catamaran with everything already set in place for your event.

Birthday Cruises Sydney Harbour FAQ’s

What are special occasions?

Those are days or events that are significant to you. They can be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any happy celebrations by an individual, a group of people or between couples.

Do we do Special Sydney Birthday Party Cruises birthdays?

Our catamaran and top-quality system to display photos and play videos, among many others, are perfect for any gathering. We don’t only serve your favourite food and drinks, we can also handle your entertainment, book DJs and set up the space you want, including a great dance floor.

How do I celebrate my birthday on a cruise?

It’s not just a time for your family and friends to gather around and greet you for surviving another year. As a day that’s all about you, you get to choose whatever you want to do. If you are up for creating new experiences, then you can choose to live it up any way you want at sea!

How do you celebrate a cruise anniversary?

You can renew vows, re-experience your Sydney Harbour wedding or honeymoon cruise, get couples’ massages, or have a classy dinner for two. On board our vessel, there are lots of things you can do and we can plan everything for you!